Smoke Alarms & Smoke Detectors

ESP Fire can carry out testing of smoke alarms and smoke detectors to ensure correct function and compliance with the relevant Australian Standards. We also offer supply and installation for new smoke alarms, specifically if there are out of date alarms, alarms that have failed testing, new building/offices.


Smoke Alarm Inspections

Working smoke alarms save lives!

Book us in for a smoke alarm inspection at your workplace or home on the NSW mid north-coast. It’s simple, and includes:

  • Checking the property is compliant with current smoke alarm legislation.
  • Cleaning smoke alarms.
  • Battery replacement.
  • Smoke test to ensure effective operation of the alarms.
  • Checking the expiry date of each alarm and replacement if necessary.
  • Replacing all alarms that are not properly functioning (including hard-wired alarms).
  • Record of each smoke alarm showing the location and expiry date.
  • Scheduled ongoing inspections as per the Australian Standards AS1851.

We also offer professional Smoke Alarm/Detector installations, which you can learn more about by contacting us by using the button below!

Testing of your Smoke Alarms & Detectors

Under the Australian Standards AS1851, smoke alarms and smoke detectors need to be tested every 6 months. Batteries should be changed every 12 months. It’s important that smoke alarms are working as it is usually the first indication of a fire.

When you are sleeping, we can’t sense the smell of smoke so it’s important to have working smoke alarms – they save lives. When we test smoke alarms and smoke detectors, we perform a smoke test. This ensures they are working in case of a fire.

Contact us for more information on scheduling 6 monthly inspections at your workplace or home.

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