Evacuation Diagrams & Procedure Manuals

Have you made alterations to your premises, added a room or a second floor? If so, you may want to check your Evacuation Diagrams, as this is often something commonly overlooked when physical changes in the workplace happen.

ESP Fire have skilled staff who can produce Evacuation Diagrams & Procedure Manuals for your premises.


Who needs evacuation diagrams & Procedure Manuals?

Work places have an obligation under the “Workplace Health and Safety Act” to provide an emergency plan (emergency procedure manual) in place. This requires your workplace to have regular training (warden & Extinguisher), Fire Safety Training and Evacuation procedures.

Here at ESP Fire, we comply to Australian Standard AS3745 Planning for Emergencies.

The importance of updating your Evacuation Diagrams

Evacuation diagrams are valid for 5 years, they then need to be reviewed under the Australian Standards AS3745.

It’s important to review diagrams to make sure they are still valid. Evacuation diagrams can be overlooked if you have had renovations in the premises.

Our team of fire safety experts provide evacuation diagrams & procedure manuals for your premises. We will remind you when they are due to be updated.

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