Annual Fire Safety Statements/ Accredited Practitioner

ESP Fire has Accredited Practitioners (fire safety) who are qualified to sign Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS). This is a statement that your local Council require once a year to ensure your building is compliant. An Annual Fire Safety Statement must be signed by an Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety).


Competent Fire Safety Practitioner

Our Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (Also known as Accredited Practitioner, Fire Safety) service includes the following:

  • Examination of the fire safety schedule/ fire safety measures for your building (This can be obtained from Council)
  • A detailed inspection to compare your building as per the fire safety schedule.
  • A comprehensive report detailing the findings of the inspection
  • Preparation of the Annual Fire Safety Statement on behalf of the building owner
  • Endorsement of the Annual Fire Safety Statement

What is an Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety)?

A Fire Safety Accredited Practitioner is an individual who has received training and certification to conduct fire safety assessments and evaluations in compliance with particular rules and regulations.

They are in charge of detecting and evaluating fire risks, choosing the appropriate fire safety precautions to lessen those risks, and formulating suggestions to enhance the general fire safety of a structure or facility.

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