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We offer extensive fire safety services and training. We provide a variety of fire safety solutions to assist safeguard both residential and commercial properties. We have a wide variety of services, including installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems, instruction on the use of fire extinguishers, fire safety inspections and more. 

Here at ESP Fire, we’re dedicated to keeping people and property safe by offering professional advice, top-notch tools, and continuing support.


We offer a variety of fire extinguisher services that include testing, installation, and maintenance for commercial and residential locations.

ESP Fire installs and maintains fire hose reels, ensuring your building is always protected.

ESP Fire provides smoke alarm and detector supply, installation and maintenance services for safety.
We offer comprehensive emergency and exit light testing and installation for safety and code compliance.
Professional fire panel testing and installation by ESP Fire for optimal fire safety in commercial buildings.

Comprehensive fire safety training by expert instructors to ensure compliance and protection.

Up-to-date evacuation diagram updates and supply by ESP Fire for optimal emergency preparedness.
Endorsement of AFSS Annual Fire Safety Statements
We are an authorised pressure test station under Authorisation Number 281, testing scuba tanks and fire extinguishers.

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Why choose us

Holistic Approach

We are an ‘all in one’ business. We employ a team of staff with skills and qualifications of different nature so we can cover everything in house.

Quality of Service

We do things by the book. We are big on making sure that workplaces, people,and buildings are prepared. We are committed to excellence and strive to make sure your business is compliant.

We Care for people

We strive to provide a good service from the first phone call we receive, to when our technicians turn up on site through to receiving your service reports.

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