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  • Fire Safety Assets
    Fire Safety Assets. Fire Safety is made up of many different types of products, At Essential safety Protection we can help you with all types. From Sprinklers to Alarms we have it all covered  
  • Be Prepared
    Be Prepared. Make sure your Fire Equipment works when you need it. Have it tested & maintained in accordance with AS1851 and/or AS2293  
  • First Attack Fire Training
    First Attack & Fire Warden Training. We conduct regular training sessions to help meet your WHS requirements of AS3745-2010. We offer 2 separate sessions with the First Attack given participates first hand experience in how to use a Fire Extinguisher, Fire Blanket…

Our services


New Installations & Upgrades
Over the years we have completed many new installations and upgraded many sites to help ensure occupants can safely escape during an emargency.


Routine Testing & Inspections
It is important to test & inspect your Fire Safety Equipment to ensure it is working to the minimum standard of performance to the standard it was originally installed to.


Thermo - graphic Imaging
Thermographic Imaging is used to help prevent fires occurring as it can find hot joints in electrical switchboards before they cause Fire & Loss.


  • Busways
    Ian Creswick,

    We have Tested & Inspected the Fire Safety Equipment for all Busways depots on the North Coast for many years.  

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  • Clubs
    Ian Creswick,

    We Look after many clubs  

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  • Councils
    Ian Creswick,

    We look after many Local Councils  

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